Tuesday November 29, 2011

It has been quite some time since our last update. We've been working on adding more to do in Greenwood Faire that will be released over the coming months. The first of these updates has been released today with the introduction of table games!

Table games are played on top of the various tables around Greenwood Faire. You don't play with them through a window interface (although that is used to set them up), but by clicking right on the game pieces within the 3D world. The first table game released is English Draughts, otherwise known as Checkers.

So head to the dock-side tavern, sit down with a friend and get playing! See the Table Games instructions on the Greenwood Faire web page or the Rules tab in-game for more information.

Thursday February 9, 2011

There have been a couple of reports that the browser plug-in does not work with administrator level accounts under Windows 7. We're currently looking into resolving this issue. Thanks to those that reported it!

Sunday December 19, 2010

Welcome one and all to the opening of public beta for Greenwood Faire! For those returning to the game be sure to check out the patch notes for the latest changes.


Friday October 8, 2010

We've recently made changes to our site-wide End-User License Agreement (EULA), Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. Please be sure to read them over in our Legal section of the web site.

Thursday September 16, 2010

We've been plugging away at Greenwood Faire for the past couple of months. Starting today, you'll notice a number of visual changes.

The most obvious change is a move away from the Torque 3D standard GUI design to a medieval-themed one. This change also includes relocating the chat window to the middle of the screen while allowing its frame to fade out when the mouse pointer is not in the window. This should help maximize the view of the world while making sure chat is front and centre.

And for those that enjoy making music, your avatars are finally holding their instruments. Both the soprano recorder and frame drum have their own custom animation sequences based on the notes or sounds being played.

The last big addition is that of emotes. You can now wave at your friends, or swing your arms to get someone's attention. The wave and big wave emotes are the first of many, and may be played using the new button on the toolbar. Clicking on the wave icon pops up another window with an icon for each emote. From there you may choose which emote to play, or close the popup. You may also type /wave or /bigwave if you prefer to use the keyboard.

Enjoy your time in Greenwood Faire. We hope to expand access for more people over the coming weeks, so practice your songs and get ready to impress them!

Thursday July 1, 2010

A number of changes and fixes have been made to the game over the past month. As always, the patch notes are the best place to read about these changes. We will highlight some key ones here.

One major improvement is with the Firefox plug-in. It should no longer crash when the web page is refreshed, or at other times. The Internet Explorer plug-in has also had minor improvements through this work. This was a big enough change that we've increased the plug-in version to 1.1, and everyone will need to download and reinstall the 1MB plug-in. Just go to the Greenwood Faire page and follow the prompts.

Another big improvement is you can now choose a girl avatar! You can select from over 157 medieval-themed girl names for your character. The number boy names have also been increased to 179 medieval-themed names. This is the first of many changes to expand the character choices.

Finally, the chat window has had some improvements. It is now easier to choose the type of chat to send using a popup. The slash commands still work and take precedence over what the popup has set.

Friday May 21, 2010

Welcome all GG Associates and Friends to the third Greenwood Faire technology test. The primary focus of this test is the browser plug-in installation and its patching process, as well as the launching of the Greenwood Faire game from the browser. The game itself is not yet content complete, but there should be enough there to have a look around, chat and play some music together.

When you first enter the world it would be great if you could say your name and where you're from. Any of the chat methods (like the default /say) will do as all chat is logged. This way I'll know who has been able to drop by from the Associates forum. If you don't feel comfortable with this reveal, that is OK too. Just getting into the game and looking around helps me out.

I'm going to try and be in the game as much as possible, but I can't always be around, especially during the day. You'll know who I am as I'll have an Admin tag. Just use the "/who all" command in the chat box to see who is online, and use /shout to chat with the whole world.

PS: If you get hopelessly lost in the hedge maze, you could always quit the game and connect back. You'll always start at the docks by the tavern.


Friday May 14, 2010

Thanks to those that participated in the testing yesterday. You've managed to uncover some new bugs that I've added to the list. Next up we'll be letting in the GarageGames Associates.

Thursday May 13, 2010

Second external Alpha test of Greenwood Faire is today. The game server is up and running as is the patch server. This time around you're able to choose a name for your character, so yay!

The game files are now less than 30MB, and with the new package-based method in the Zworldo web browser plug-in, download times should be greatly reduced for first time users.

The main focus this time around is finishing off the browser plug-in and its integration with the hosting web page. There is still a lot of content to add. Sorry about the missing musical instrument shapes!

Please note that the game servers are set to restart every day at 3am EDT. Anyone connected at that time are given 15, 10, 5, 2 and 1 minute warnings.

As always, enjoy and let us know of any issues you comes across!

Thursday December 24, 2009

Welcome to the first external Alpha test of Greenwood Faire! The game server is now running on an Amazon Web Services virtual server and is accepting connections. The latest patch files are available, so if you have been given the Alpha test user name and password, come on in!

Please note that for this test it is not possible to change your character's looks or name. So welcome all "Visitor"s! :o)

To get started once you've installed the Zworldo web plug-in, just wait for the automatic patching to finish, and then click on the Play button below. If there is a problem, you may restart the patch at any time using the buttons below, or you can just refresh this page. Please let me know about any errors you come across.

The game files currently weight in at about 45MB, so please be patient. My goal for the next alpha test is to get the game to under 30MB. For this test the download progress bar is non-operational, but you'll be able to see the file names as they are downloaded and decompressed to know that the patching is working. You'll just not be able to tell how close you are to the end.